Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Why I'm buying shares in Singapore Press Holdings,targetting $2.50 & below

The shares spent only eleven trading sessions in 2009, during the worst point of the Global Financial Crisis below the current price of $2.54. It's holdings in telco M1 and its property REIT make up $1.20 per share versus net debt, though worryingly increasing, of 78c per share.

In the 1980s and 1990s, SPH typically traded at about double or more of its NTA, predominantly due to its status as a blue chip. In 1994, at the height of the super bull run, the price ranged from $13-$16 when its NTA was only $3.52! Even as recently as 2013, when the stock price crested at $4.60, it was trading at a 76% premium to its NTA.

Currently, it is plunging to nearly $2.50 or about a 20% premium to its latest book value per share, mainly due to fears of its shrinking revenue from traditional sunset industry print media, with annualised revenue falling below $800 million for the first time in many years.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Become RICH like me via Stock Trading - Stock Alert service for Clients

In just one week, my modest position of under M$11,000 in Sino Hua-An International has vaulted by M$66,000 and is now valued at M$77,000!!!

How long does it take you to earn that kind of money in a conventional job? For me, about 1,283 hours!!!

This allowed my net worth to vault to an ALL-TIME HIGH as of today, against all odds at a time when the economy is in the doldrums and most people are suffering high debt levels and struggling to service their payment obligations with a large majority both young & old stuck in a declining property market that is essentially frozen post QE3. 

In 2017, I was also a beneficiary of rises in other star performers like Hengyuan Refining on Bursa as well as Sunright Limited, Powermatic Data, Sing Holdings, Chasen Holdings and The Straits Trading Co. on the SGX across the causeway.

YOU can learn how I achieved this without suffering the many hard, painful lessons I had to go through over a 23-year trading career to get to this point : my NINTH consecutive year of gains from the stockmarket, an unbroken profitable record that dates back to 2009!

Proof of some of my Hua-An purchases :

Proof of some of my Hengyuan(Shell) purchases :

Proof of one of my Sunright purchases :

Only M$ 99 per month or $235 for 3 months. If agreeable, make enquiries @ lkc0011@hotmail.com

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Thursday, August 31, 2017

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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I see the Nikkei's potential to reach for its old 1991 resistance of 26,000 - 28,000

Based on the above complex inverted Head & Shoulders formation, which agrees with the Fibronacci retracement of the fall from 38957 down to 6995, which agrees also with the measured move target of the double bottom in 2003-2009. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

SGX Portfolio UP +22% Year-to-Date!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Proof positive that I picked IWCity for my clients exactly one year ago

Prospective clients of my advisory service can request a soft copy of this recommendation for FREE and can check that this document was created last year and not fabricated nor modified to make me look good after a TRIPLING of the stock price since this recommendation.

Contact  zirdex@yahoo.com.sg or lkc0011@hotmail.com

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Seminar - 'How to Ride 2017's Bull Market Safely'

Planned for mid-late January 2017. Draw on the experience of a 23-year veteran of the financial markets and a survivor of the last 3 major stockmarket crashes.

I also explore the lessons of market behaviour from before I was a participant and even before I was born into this world!

Let the tears and despair of my past mistakes free other investors from the same errors in their endeavour to ride the stockmarket's ups and downs in the quest for freedom from modern slavery.

I have been free from this slavery since late 2008 and earned my income from 53 stocks in 2012, 128 stocks in 2013, 154 stocks in 2014, 131 stocks in 2015 and 108 stocks in 2016 listed on the NYSE, Bursa M'sia, the SGX as well as the Hong Kong Exchange . Listen,Learn and draw from my well of knowledge!

For more information, e-mail lkc0011@hotmail.com 

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